Crederity is in the business of building trust. The problem of establishing trust in new relationships, whether for life or for business, is universal. Within the employment space, this need for trust has been greater than ever.

Bad hires cost businesses billions of dollars in losses. In India, almost 50% resumes contain fabrications and misrepresentations. The financial loss to businesses from theft, misappropriation and false credentials can be enormous.

Most of the costs are hard to measure including high attrition rate, training cost, productivity loss, harm to employee morale, compliance cost and the firm’s reputation.

Crederity has created an online trust building program to address the problem of resume fraud and misrepresentation. Unlike the competition, which comes in the form of traditional background checking firms, Crederity fosters a legal compliant trust ecosystem through its “Plug-and-play” solutions that integrates into existing environments. The quality and turnaround time of Crederity’s services lead the industry.

Crederity’s services allows anyone to easily, safely and securely share, request and verify personal and business information. Crederity provides a comprehensive suite of employment screening solutions specially designed to reduce the time and cost associated with hiring processes and works with Multinationals and Fortune 500 companies. This work is helping Crederity to build innovative infrastructure, processes, and databases to ultimately offer real-time background history verification. With exclusive tie-ups with different data sources and proprietary technology, Crederity is quickly moving towards becoming the leader in identity/credential verification and fraud/inconsistency detection.