SharesVault offers a platform which aims to become one of the largest Non-IPO deals network in India. SharesVault is best suited to serve the needs of profitable unlisted MSME firms and innovative start-ups by helping them get equity based funding from accredited High Net worth Individuals and/or Institutional Investors because today no such platform exists in India to allow early stage startups and fast growing MSMEs to get value/liquidity for their innovation and growth.

According to Govt of India Lean Manufacturing Report of 2009, there are 13 million Micro, Small and Medium manufacturing enterprises in India of total 35 million MSMEs. Many of such enterprises will benefit from being part of such a network. They may not qualify to become publicly listed entities in Indian Share Markets or may not want to go public because of stringent reporting requirements of publicly listed companies or lack of assistance to lead them through their current state to a future state of being a listed company - but still they may want to get equity funding and get market exposure as well as brand promotion.

Because SharesVault tailors to MSME sector where companies are lean and growing fast with innovative ideas, products, and processes, there are tremendous opportunities for lean profitable enterprises - because many national and international big brands would be keen to partner or take equity stake in such companies.

Large established companies including the ones that are listed on stock exchanges have a tremendous buying power and many of these listed enterprises are always looking for strategic acquisitions thereby enhancing their shareholders' value. SharesVault will become a vital source for such national and international companies to search for acquisition targets.

SharesVault does not intend to be a stock market exchange with real time transactions happening, nor does it intend to get in this space. Company's aim is to bring high quality, profit making companies as well as carefully picked innovative start-ups in its platform to strategic investors who can transact and hold on to their stocks for at least one week time-frame.